ELC Sensory Ball Pit


This Intriguing Sensory Ball Pit Encourages Your Baby To Explore, and Rewards Their Curiosity With Satisfying Sights, Sounds and Textures. The Colourful Pop-up Ball Pit Has Brightly Coloured Panels, High-contrast Patterns, Posting-holes To Peer Through and Pop Balls Through, and A Detachable Safety Mirror for Your Baby To Enjoy. The Sensory Ball Pit Comes With Four Textured Beanbags, Which are Great for Your Baby To Explore With Their Hands. It Also Comes With 20 Playballs, Which Your Baby Can Enjoy Rolling In, Kicking and Tossing as They Grow. The Pit is Covered With Stimulating Colours, Textures and Mesh. The Sensory Ball Pit Makes A Fun and Safe Place for Your Baby To Play, Indoors or Outside.


Sewa Mainan Bogor
WA 088.1176.2246 (no call / sms)
BBM 5E701414
Line sewamainanbogor
Instagram sewa_mainan_bogor

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