Ching ching Rocking dog


Ching Ching – Rocking Dog 

Ching Ching Rocking Dog is a rocking ride toy which can gently rock a youngster at a steady seat with safely handle of long galloping, rides through imaginary fields and forests.Comes with cute dalmation dog design and brightly colors will attract kids, made from safety materials.

Ching Ching Rocking Dog is a classic toy that will give hours of imaginative exercise while developing basic balance and coordination skills for children.

This can be an exciting gift if the child has a passion for developing basic skills of horse riding.


  • Easy to essamble
  • Support Up to 30Kgs
  • Stable and Safe
  • Ergonomic Seat Design

Product Dimension: 87 x 34 x 51 cm

Kids Ages: 1,5 years and up (Max. 30Kg)

Sewa Mainan Bogor
WA 088.1176.2246 (no call / sms)
BBM 5E701414
Line sewamainanbogor
Instagram sewa_mainan_bogor

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