ELC Click clack caterpillar


The Click Clack Caterpillar

features two sides of fun: on one side, balls can be rolled down the chute by dropping them into the sprout. On the other side, the ladybirds can be popped in at the top of their zig zag run, and they wiggle down after each other until they reach the bottom. Flashing lights, sounds and music play as the balls tumble down the chute, encouraging little ones to explore further.


  • Click Clack Track,
  • 4 balls and
  • 2 Ladybird cars.

Quick facts:

  • Lights and sounds caterpillar
  • Plays three melodies and four wacky sounds
  • Double sided: a run on each side-Roll balls down one side and caterpillar cars down the other
  • Stimulates the senses and helps develop hand-to-eye coordination skills.

Needs 3 x AA batteries.

Sewa Mainan Bogor
WA 088.1176.2246 (no call / sms)
BBM 5E701414
Line sewamainanbogor
Instagram sewa_mainan_bogor

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